Sheena Zargari is a talented, motivated, and internationally published makeup artist.  Sheena has spent 12 years becoming a master of her craft with experience in beauty, fashion, red carpet, and film.  Her talent has provided her with the opportunity to work in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles where she amassed a diverse measure of professional experience including New York Fashion Week, high profile sets, and celebrity clientele.  Sheena's training and experience in the industry has given her the skill to anticipate trends while utilizing her imagination to create innovative unique looks.  Sheena's professional attitude and charismatic personality makes her a joy to be around on set while infusing her clientele with confidence that their desired look will be achieved.  

As a trainer for a prestigious cosmetic company, Sheena found reward in teaching the necessary skills to up and coming makeup artists.  Helping others fine tune their skill and follow their passion in creativity is one of Sheena's most gratifying times of her career.  The worthwhile experience of mentoring other passionate, driven, visionary minds has led Sheena to the creation of The Beauty Initiative.